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Tapejara skull, part 3: neurocranium, quadrate, lacrimal

I made nearly all the bones of the skull. Some smaller ones inside the skull are still missing as well as the occipital. I also worked on the bones with a lighter for texture, shaping and hardness. Here is a partial assembly with the larger bones almost finished.

2013-07-05 00.14.14

These are the parts: rostrum/palate, neurocranium, mandible, one of the quadratojugals and one of the quadrates.

2013-07-05 00.11.48

Here are some views of the almost fully assembled skull. I didn’t glue the parts together yet; I just pinned them in place.

2013-07-05 02.04.33 2013-07-05 02.07.47 2013-07-05 02.28.49

The neurocranium, orbits, lacrimal, etc. still lack some detail, and there is no occipital bone yet.

2013-07-05 02.41.28

These are all the detachable parts so far:

2013-07-05 13.13.08

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