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Imaginary Pterosaur #4: a toothless dsungaripterid

I finished #4 before #3, but Tupandactylus will be declared finished some time this weekend. As usual, finished means 95-99% done. I can always correct something, rip out a bone, reshape. I only add resin to the parts which may wear out (jaw and spine connections), so I can always improve other parts of the skull as I learn more about it.

This specimen is a truly imaginary pterosaur, but that may change. It is based on yet unpublished research, and it does have proposed species and specific names. When all of that becomes public, I will update this blog and change the category names for the posts on pterosaur #4. But, of course, there is a chance that the article may be rejected, and that this pterosaur does not really exist. If that happens, I might add some teeth and transform pterosaur #4 into the chinese Dsungaripterus, or leave it the way it is, Imaginary, until someone digs one out someday 🙂 Below are some pictures of the finished skull.

View of the head with the mandible detached


Bottom, top and side views

This is a view of the skull from underneath showing the palate. It is completely speculative. Most fossils are closed and don’t show these details, so I based it on the other pterosaurs that I have studied so far, like the Anhanguera. I still need to see better pictures at different angles to understand how to make a good pterosaur palate.


These views have the mandible connected.





Views from different angles

front_side head_cav_2

Soon I will start making the body of one of the last three pterosaurs: Anhanguera, Tupandactylus or Pterosaur #4. I still haven’t decided which one.

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