This project aims to recreate several pterosaurs (skeleton, illustrations, lifelike restorations) using innovative techniques, cheap, resistant and ultra-light materials and the greatest level of detail possible (considering the sources available). It started as an unpretentious art project, so the earlier models are less precise in regard to scientific accuracy. The links below are to the last posts about the making of each pterosaur. You can also search this blog for categories or keywords.

  1. Guidraco venator (skeleton, finished skull and body)
  2. Anhanguera piscator (skeleton, finished skull, body in progress)
  3. Tupandactylus imperator (skeleton, finished skull)
  4. Dsungaripterus weii (skeleton, finished skull)
  5. Tupuxuara leonardii (skeleton, finished skull and body)
  6. Unpublished tapejarid (skeleton, finished skull)
  7. Tapejara wellnhoferi (1 skull, for Geological Museum of Lisbon and 1 full skeleton, 190 parts, for Peiropolis Museum, Uberaba, Brazil)

Except for eventual commissioned projects (Tapejara was the only one so far), is a self-funded one-man project (that means its results may be affected by phenomenons such as lack of time or money, so plans and priorities may change any time).

I am available to work on commission and produce any pterosaur replica. Since a lot of research is involved in a detailed replica, it will be easier (and cheaper) to produce a pterosaur skeleton or skull which I have already made before. All replicas are hand-made using sheets of XPS foam which are folded, cut and sometimes melted into bone shapes, and later treated with acrylic resins. They are not casts. That means it takes some time to build a full skeleton (typically one to two months), depending on the size and how much research is necessary. A finished skeleton can be used to make moulds for casting with resin, but of course it wouldn’t preserve as much detail and would be much heavier. The heaviest skeleton I have made so far was the 4.5 metre wingspan Tupuxuara, which weighs only 950 grams.

Do I sell any replicas? Yes, but I prefer to make a copy. For two reasons. First, the ones I have were made long ago, when I knew less about anatomy and paleontology. They are not as accurate as they could be with the knowledge I have now (for example, I would have made a much larger braincase for Anhanguera and Tupuxuara – my Guidraco doesn’t even have one). Second, the replicas contain research about anatomy and they are great prototypes. It’s much easier to make a second pterosaur, if you have a replica, even if it’s not perfect. It works like a sketch, and not having the original fossil available, I can use my replica and look at it in various angles, compare to photos and make a better copy. So I don’t really sell the ones I made so far, but I can make new ones.

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