A Tapejara in Portugal

I’ve made replicas of seven different species of pterosaurs so far:

  1. Guidraco venator (1 skeleton)
  2. Anhanguera piscator (1 skull)
  3. Tupandactylus imperator (1 skull)
  4. Banguela oberlii / Dsungaripterus weii (1 skull)
  5. Tupuxuara leonardii (1 skeleton)
  6. Caupedactylus ybaka (1 skull)
  7. Tapejara wellnhoferi (1 skeleton, 2 skulls – one in progress)

They are all here, hanging somewhere in my place except the Tapejaras. A full Tapejara skeleton is currently flying in the main exhibition hall of the Paleontology Museum of Peirópolis, in Uberaba, Brazil. That’s Tapejara no. 2. Tapejara no. 1 was actually a prototype I made before finishing the Peirópolis, which I later improved and added detail. It’s smaller than Tapejara no. 1 (actually the same size as the AMNH specimen). I’m currently making Tapejara no. 3, which is the most detailed replica so far. I will write about it in another post.

Tapejara no. 1 is currently on display at Geological Museum in Lisbon, Portugal. Here are some photos:




Here is a photo of Professor Miguel Ramalho, me and the Tapejara wellnhoferi skull replica.


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