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All posts in chronological order

I generated a raw printout of all the posts that were published in this blog so far in PDF. It’s a big 383MB file with 584 pages, but the posts are in chronological order, which makes them easier to read. I also generated bookmarks. You can simply click the image below which is a link to the file.

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 21.08.20 (2)

The pages were simply printed in PDF using Firefox and has a minor bug (a “follow” link which sometimes overlaps images and text). I also tried in Chrome, Safari and Opera, but their bugs produced empty pages or weird image scaling. Links and videos obviously don’t work, but it should be easier to browse, search and read sequences of posts.

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A Tapejara in Portugal

I’ve made replicas of seven different species of pterosaurs so far:

  1. Guidraco venator (1 skeleton)
  2. Anhanguera piscator (1 skull)
  3. Tupandactylus imperator (1 skull)
  4. Banguela oberlii / Dsungaripterus weii (1 skull)
  5. Tupuxuara leonardii (1 skeleton)
  6. Caupedactylus ybaka (1 skull)
  7. Tapejara wellnhoferi (1 skeleton, 2 skulls – one in progress)

They are all here, hanging somewhere in my place except the Tapejaras. A full Tapejara skeleton is currently flying in the main exhibition hall of the Paleontology Museum of Peirópolis, in Uberaba, Brazil. That’s Tapejara no. 2. Tapejara no. 1 was actually a prototype I made before finishing the Peirópolis, which I later improved and added detail. It’s smaller than Tapejara no. 1 (actually the same size as the AMNH specimen). I’m currently making Tapejara no. 3, which is the most detailed replica so far. I will write about it in another post.

Tapejara no. 1 is currently on display at Geological Museum in Lisbon, Portugal. Here are some photos:




Here is a photo of Professor Miguel Ramalho, me and the Tapejara wellnhoferi skull replica.


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