Tapejara: caudal vertebrae

None of the Tapejara specimens I used as sources had a tail, so I used as a source Anhanguera piscator, which seems to be the most closely related pterosaur with well preserved caudal vertebrae. The source is Kellner & Tomida 2000, but I used photos of the tail I had made for Tupuxuara and scaled it to Tapejara proportions.

I made ten individual caudal vertebrae. This number is speculative, as is the shape of the last caudal vertebra. Anhanguera’s tail has dorsally projecting processes on the first four or five vertebrae, which change to lower anterodorsally projecting ones which get smaller and smaller as you get closer to the end of the tail.

Here are some photos. Yes, I made all the vertebrae hollow except for the last one. I thinned the foam a bit with fire.

2013-08-21 20.07.54

These are the final vertebrae.

2013-08-22 00.31.17

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