Tapejara: shoulders and chest

I had two sources for the scapula and coracoid, and three for the sternum. For the scapula and coracoid I initially used SMNK PAL 1137 but then received better photos from IMCF 1061. The scapulae looked alike, but the proximal end of the coracoid was very different, it was also much longer. I don’t know if any part is missing or if it is just a result of SMNK PAL 1137 representing a very young specimen. Anyway, it is still very hard to identify and compare certain details when one photo is a bad black and white one with only two views. I decided to make the scapula and coracoid from IMCF 1061, and the sternum from SMNK PAL 1137 scaled by SMNK PAL 3985.

After estimating widths and depths from the photos, these are the flat parts I came up with. The yellow foam was used for the ends, which I had to sculpt.

cut outs scapulocoracoid

The parts after cutting out.


Assembly of the scapula.

scapula assembly

Assembly of the coracoid.

coracoid assembly

Partial assembly of scapulae and coracoids.scap cora assemblies

This is the distal end of the scapula.

distal scap

And here is a set of coracoid and scapula after treatment with fire:

burned scap cora

Since there were many photos, I was able to compare several angles, and see where it was curved, thick, thin, and other details. This is another side view of the scapula.

side burned scap

The sternum is quite flat, so I initially made a shape slightly larger than the photo, so I could then give it a curved aspect.

stern cut out

But the keel I had to make separately.


Here is a picture of the sternum with the keel attached shortly after treating with fire.

anterior sternum keel

And here is a side view after applying modelling paste and coffee stains.

lateral sternum

Compare it with the humerus.

sternum humerus

Now I have a big problem. How to assemble the pectoral girdle. I still didn’t figure out exactly which ends of the scapula and coracoid connect to form the scapulocoracoid. I might still have to twist the bone a bit since I may not have captured all the three-dimensional details from the photos. I spent a couple of hours trying different positions and gave up. Tomorrow I will try to assemble the pelvic girdle with ribs, and it might be easier. Here are the final photos.

dorsal sternum ventral sternum anterior sternum lateral scapula

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