Tapejara carpals and pteroid

I used as sources only the black and white pictures from SMNK PAL 1137 published by Eck et al (2011) which shows four views of distal and proximal syncarpals, but only two views of the medial carpal (which I assume are perpendicular views.) I’ve had many problems with the scales in this article, but I tested the proximal and distal syncarpals with the bones that articulate with them (wing metacarpal, radius and ulna). I am not so sure about the medial carpal, but it seems to fit in a gap on the anterior part of the assembly, so the pteroid fits between the medial carpal and the proximal one.

I made the pteroid hollow, of course. I used IMCF 1061 as a source.

2013-08-13 13.55.17

Here are the wrist bones. I might make some adjustments. I will publish more pictures later showing the connections.

2013-08-13 14.17.24

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