Tapejara skull, part 2: mandible and crest

Unlike my previous pterosaur reconstructions, where I made the skull with the final result in mind, this time I decided to model individual skull bones as closely as possible. This is investigative work and it allows me to test the connections, articulations and have a better understanding of its anatomy. I also believe that this will result in an even more accurate and robust model.

2013-07-03 12.19.29
Skull parts partially assembled.

2013-07-02 10.15.10
A quick & dirty assembly of all the skull parts.

Using several different specimens as sources, and reconstructions based on some specimens, I was able to compare details and choose the ones that were best preserved. I made and will make some changes based on that. The palate, for example, was initially modeled from a reconstruction based on AMNH 24440. I now plan to adjust it based on the perfectly preserved palate from IMCF 1061 (unfortunately I still have not received authorization to publish the original photos here so they can be compared).

The lower jaw (mandible) is practically finished. I just need to review it with the sources and make minor adjustments before working on the texture (with fire) and finishing it with acrylic modeling paste.

2013-07-03 22.31.11

2013-07-04 12.42.56 2013-07-04 12.43.12

2013-07-03 23.48.20

The part which contains the rostrum, the crest, maxilla, palate, etc. and part of the caudal bones of the skull is also nearly finished, but I will have to fix the palate to adapt it to the IMCF specimen (I will merge them with the visible details of the AMNH specimen).

2013-07-03 23.16.21

2013-07-03 23.16.06

2013-07-04 12.42.38

I am now working on the neurocranium, which also includes part of the orbit, frontal, parietal, squamosal and a posterior crest. Making this separately will allow me to work on the details of the braincase, which will be partially visible.

There are some other smaller parts which I am making separately: two quadrates (which articulate with the lower jaw), two sets including the quadratojugal and nearby structures, and two lacrimal bones.  I decided to make these separately because they are very well preserved in several specimens, so I can focus on the details.

Here are some more photos of the Tapejara so far. In the next post I will publish photos of the neurocranium. The skull should be finished by the end of this week.

2013-07-02 22.34.14  2013-07-03 12.17.56  2013-07-03 14.17.56    2013-07-03 23.28.28

Many thanks to Brian Andres, Hebert Bruno Campos and Felipe Pinheiro who provided me with information, sources and feedback which allowed me to improve this model.

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