Pterosaurs at the 1st Brazilian Dinosaur Symposium

The Imaginary Pterosaur family has just returned from a week among the dinosaurs! Although pterosaurs are not dinosaurs, they were invited and were a major attraction at the Dinosaur Exhibit that took place during the 1st Brazilian Dinosaur Symposium, at the campus of Federal University of Uberlândia, in Ituiutaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Tupuxuara was assembled in a “taking off” position, and the others had their skulls on display. The skeletons attracted a lot of attention, specially among the kids. Here are some pictures from the event.

This is Tupuxuara being assembled before the opening of the event.


Finished. Now it just needs a place to place its claws.


Some pictures from the opening of the symposium and paleoart exhibit.

opening2 dinoexpo opening

Here is the imaginary pterosaur family at the exhibit.


I had to use lot’s of strings because of the wind.


The exhibit was in an open area.


There were many very young curious visitors every day.

kids4 kids1 kids2 kids5 all

Guidraco has a body, but only the head was on display at the Symposium. I’m currently fixing the wings (and making it more accurate) for the next event.


My toothless dsungaripterid has now teeth! It has less than it should but I can now finally call it a Dsungaripterus!


I had to slice part of Tupandactylus’s crest so I could transport it (and not pay a lot more for that), but I reattached it (you can barely notice where I cut it).


Here is Anhanguera.


And Tupuxuara preparing to take flight.


There were several other artists displaying their work. Guilherme Gehr painted the canvas below (unfortunately I didn’t have the best light – the actual colors are much better than it looks in the photo).


Rodolfo Nogueira makes incredibly realistic paintings, but all my pictures of his gallery turned out very bad because of the light. I won’t post any here but do click the link because his site is definitely worth a visit!

This is the gallery of Vitor Silva


And this one is by Rafael Albo.


(My photographs of these galleries are very bad. Please visit their websites!)

On the last day, we went hunting for some fossils.

field3  field5

We digged, digged and digged. Some found bone fragments. I found funny rocks 🙂


But we did find other creatures along the way 🙂


Last day. Tupuxuara was unassembled, and the bones were on display during the closing of the event.


Then it was packed to fly home. But… the package disappeared! They lost it somewhere in the airport. I left the airport with only Anhanguera (which was my hand luggage), hoping the air carrier would quickly find the others.

Fortunately, some four hours later they found the box and it was safely delivered to me. It seems that they were mistakenly taken to the international cargo section. They probably wanted to leave the country!

Our next trip will be to Rio de Janeiro for the international pterosaur conference: Rio Ptero 2013 in a month.


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3 responses to “Pterosaurs at the 1st Brazilian Dinosaur Symposium

  1. Show, Helder! Parabéns pelos sensacionais trabalhos na exposição!
    E olha só, uma foto da minha galeria! Fiquei olhando que nem bobo rsrs
    Muito obrigado por compartilhar, cara!

  2. Guilherme Gehr

    Trabalho maravilhoso e inspirador! Parabéns, Helder, bela montagem no evento!
    Obrigado pelos comentários do quadro!
    Grande abraço!

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