Making of a Tupuxuara

These are all the posts about building the Tupuxuara reconstruction.

  1. March 7 Starting pterosaur #5: Tupuxuara leonardii
  2. March 8 Tupuxuara: adding a palate
  3. March 8 Tupuxuara: the mandible, some trimming and molding
  4. March 9 Tupuxuara: details, details
  5. March 10 Pterosaur #5: Tupuxuara leonardii (finished skull)
  6. March 12 Tupuxuara: fixing the jaw
  7. March 17 A neck for Tupuxuara
  8. March 24 Tupuxuara: two more cervicals
  9. March 25 Tupuxuara: the chest
  10. March 28 Tupuxuara: thoracic vertebrae and the notarium, part I
  11. April 2 Tupuxuara: thoracic vertebrae and the notarium, part 2
  12. April 4 Tupuxuara’s shoulders: the scapulocoracoid
  13. April 4 Tupuxuara: planning the wings
  14. April 6 Tupuxuara’s wing: the humerus, radius and ulna, part 1
  15. April 8 Tupuxuara’s very long fourth fingers
  16. April 9 A hand bone
  17. April 10 Tupuxuara’s wing: the humerus, radius and ulna (final)
  18. April 12 Legs for Tupuxuara
  19. April 14Tupuxuara: the pelvis, sacrum and dorsal vertebrae
  20. April 15 Tupuxuara’s wrist: the carpals and pteroids
  21. April 17 Tupuxuara: the tail
  22. April 17 Pterosaur claws
  23. April 17 Pterosaur feet
  24. April 19 Tupuxuara leonardii: assembly (and disassembly)

Update – New posts about Tupuxuara

  1. May 30. The Making of Imaginary Pterosaurs. PDF presentation at Rio Ptero 2013, International Symposium on Pterosaurs.
  2. May 29. Imaginary Pterosaurs in Rio. About Rio Ptero 2013, International Symposium on Pterosaurs, where Tupuxuara was assembled for the second time.
  3. May 21. First prize for Tupuxuara. My Tupuxuara leonardii replica won first prize in a paleontological art contest (I Concurso de Arte Paleontológica do Colecionadores de Ossos), category sculpture.
  4. April 27. Presentation at the Dinosaur Symposium. PDF presentation at the 1st International Dinosaur Symposium.
  5. April 27. Pterosaurs at the 1st Brazilian Dinosaur Symposium. About the 1st International Dinosaur Symposium in Ituiutaba, MG, Brazil.

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