Tupuxuara leonardii: assembly (and disassembly)

Here are some pictures of the finished skeleton.
2013-04-18 14.07.09 2013-04-18 14.10.59 2013-04-18 14.08.07 T4dpN

It stood complete on my table for less than a day. At night I started disassembling it.


Here is the dismantled pterosaur.

2013-04-18 17.48.15

Everything weighs less than one kilo. I had to make a box big enough to fit the head.

2013-04-18 20.21.13

I found some space to place two other skulls and mandibles in the box. Everything weighs five kilos.

2013-04-19 06.47.09

We are traveling to the First Brazilian Dinosaur Symposium, in Ituitaba, MG, Brazil.

Soon I will write a final post on this pterosaur, listing my sources, references, materials used, and listing all the related posts in chronological order.


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