Tupuxuara: the mandible, some trimming and molding

While I worked on the head I also joined the halves (ramus) of the mandible together and molded it a bit whenever I had to wait for drying glue. Now I made these two foam strips which will be pasted on the insides to give each side a three-dimensional form.

mandible 1

This is the mandible attached to the skull.


I also did some shaping with a lighter which changed the texture and made the insides slightly convex by melting. My source photos only show the mandible sideways, in connection with the skull (not the best lighting). I have no idea what it looks like inside the ramus, nor from below or above. I infer the shape from the photos I have of the skull, but I am also taking from pictures of other models available in Google image searches. So there is some guesswork here. The mandible body seems a bit too short. I think it is. But it’s easier to add later than to remove.


I trimmed the edges of the palate bones and added some more foam to make the connections look organic. I also used a diagram from this article. Here is a view of the head showing some of those details.


It seems almost done in less than two days! But, of course, there are a lot of little details which might take me a day or two. Here are some pictures of the Tupuxuara so far: top, bottom and side views:

above under

day 2 palate

It looks finished from those angles, but If you inspect it closely from other angles you will see some holes, patches, hollow bones. I also have to improve the structure doubling the width of the foam in some parts. The back of the head still needs a lot of work so it resembles better the fossil image. That’s the work for tomorrow.

2013-03-09 03.01.38


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