Tupuxuara: adding a palate

The photos I am using as a source include a high resolution image of the palate (below the skull) and occipital (behind and below), so I will have the opportunity to make a much more detailed skull this time.

First I placed the palate photos in the same scale as the side view of the skull in the computer. The right half of the palate of the holotype I am using as a source is damaged, so I duplicated and flipped vertically the other half of the image of the palate to make it symmetrical. Then I transfered the palate drawing to a sheet of foam.

palate 1

I added all the details I could find in the fossil. It’s great to have high resolution photos taken with different lighting, since some three-dimensional details are only visible because of the shadows.

I cut out the palate and trimmed the edges a bit.

palate 2

Then I folded the back (occipital) and creased everything in the shape of the skull so it could fit in place.

palate 4

The palate is convex near the ridges and towards the tip, and concave towards the throat. After some folding and creasing I obtained this effect (this is a view of the palate from the inside).

palate 3

After that, I attached it to the skull. I had to cut a bit along the line that separates the palate part from the occipital part (near the mandible joint), so I could mold it better.

palate 5

I made some small cuts in other places as well.



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