Starting pterosaur #5: Tupuxuara leonardii

I should be making the bodies of the other skulls, but yesterday I received some high-resolution photographs of a very-well preserved fossil and promoted Tupuxuara (planned as pterosaur #7) to #5.

I started with a sheet of XPS foam. It’s 0.5 mm thick and 1.00 by 1.20 m. I cut a portion of it (1.10 x 0.45) to draw one half of the skull:

2013-03-06 22.01.11

I am not authorized to publish the photos of the fossil here, but you can see the one I used on my computer screen. It’s from the  Iwaki Coal and Fossil Museum, in Japan. There is a replica in London, and several photos and diagrams in books and the Web. Usually I use diagrams which are drawn from the fossils, but this time I decided to use the picture of a real fossil.

This is the moment I identified the Tupuxuara skull in the foam 🙂 Now I can begin “excavating”!

2013-03-06 22.45.46

After cutting out one half I use it as a guide to cut out the other half using the rest of the sheet of foam. There is still a lot of foam left for the details.

2013-03-07 01.26.16

Then I start folding and molding. If you want to see how I do this, read this post on the Tupandactylus model. I also trimmed the edges near the tip of the beak and mandible.

2013-03-06 23.30.06

These are the folded and slightly molded halves before pasting together.

2013-03-07 01.27.35

Next step is to paste the halves together.

2013-03-07 01.28.44

Then I carved out a bit of the crest. This is the final result after about an hour and a half of work.

2013-03-07 01.21.31 2013-03-07 01.15.58

Today I will work on the insides of the skull and try to mold the orbits. It will be a lot easier since I have detailed high resolution photos of everything. I might be able to finish this model in three days.



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