Pterosaur #4 almost done

There is no more foam work to do for the unnamed toothless dsungaripterid. Just gauze and acrylic resin. The mandible is done.

2013-02-27 21.12.41

I just started to add the gauze to fill the gaps in the head cavities. This is a view of the top back showing the upper temporal apertures.


Spooky, isn’t it? It might get scarier if you look at the lower back (occipital) view:


This is a view of the skull (without the mandible).


And this is what it looks like underneath so far (a lot of work to do there still).


We can add the mandible and now it smiles!


And this is a dorsal view of the the skull.


Compare it with this real fossil of a Dsungaripterus (from David Hone’s Archosaur Musings.

The angle in my photo is slightly different, but my goal is to have it look exactly like that (without the teeth of course, since my pterosaur is not a Dsungaripterus but a related toothless species).


I practically finished the skull and now it looks a lot more like the picture above. Compare:



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