I found a Tapejaridae pterosaur in a board of foam!

It’s a Tupandactylus imperator. I started with a 1.2 x 1.0 m board of XPS foam 5 mm thick. There aren’t so many Tupandactylus holotypes and there are none in good shape. I will have to guess, invent, and copy some solutions from Tapejaras. I started with a draft based on the best fossil.

2013-02-22 23.54.59

But I ran out of foam. It was only enough for the mandible and half a skull. When I got more foam it was of a different kind, so I decided to cut out two new halves, without the full front crest (I will add it later) using the previous half as a guide. I also did some research and decided to leave the skull’s details out for now.

2013-02-24 00.56.49

Before pasting the halves together, I trimmed the edges on the front and top of the crest to make it easier.


Then I folded the foam. This is important so it won’t crack when manipulated. You have to press and fold. You can even fold all the way if you do it right. After folding in one direction, in some parts, I folded in the other. It becomes a lot easier to mold with this previous folding.


Don’t forget to press before folding, or the foam will crack. Do it until the foam becomes softer and easier to mold.


The next step is to glue the halves together. After adding glue on some edges and holding the parts together for a while, we finally have something that looks like a Tapejara.

2013-02-24 00.58.44

After drying, another hour of folding, and finally we have this.

2013-02-24 01.00.47

In the morning, after the glue dried a bit more, I cut a cavity behind the eye and now we finally have a 3D sketch to start working on.



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