Finished Anhanguera skull

2013-02-23 14.38.15

I finally finished the skull of Anhanguera piscator (well, almost… I still might sand it a bit, paint it, make the cervical spine connections and replace the front teeth with longer fangs, but it’s 99% done.) I lost track of how much time I invested into this, but I think it took me something around 30 hours of work, more than half of it working on small details (that means I can probably make a quick not-so-detailed skull in half that time). I used one sheet of a 65×40 cm XPS foam board, about 50g PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glue, 100 ml of modeling clay (acrylic resin), 8g of epoxi resin, 1 transparent plastic (PVC) hanger, cotton gauze.

These are its dimensions:

  • Length of the skull: 63.5 cm.
  • Maximum width (near the jaw articulation): 10 cm.
  • Minimum width (narrowest part of the beak): 3 cm.
  • Height (skull + mandible): 17 cm.
  • Height (skull without mandible): 14 cm.
  • Weight: 220 grams.

The pictures below show the skull from several angles.

Top, bottom, side





Different angles




Compare that last photo with this one, from the fossil of a real Anhanguera piscator (Source: Photo by Makoto Manabe published in David Hone’s Archosaur Musings):

My Anhanguera wore braces when young, that’s why it has no crooked or oversized teeth 🙂 (but I will definitely replace those front teeth with longer ones).


New rostrum teeth and improved eye cavities for Anhanguera:



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