Anhanguera skull, day 2

I still don’t know which species of Anhanguera this is. Most of the sources are either Anhanguera blittersdorffi or Anhanguera piscator. I have to dig a bit more to be sure.

Yesterday I worked a bit more on the skull and was able to reveal some details of its cavities. I also reshaped the mandible and beak, and some details which shaped the skull a bit more. I still think the back of the head is too big, and there are other problems which I will fix later. The structures in the skull will be later finished with synthetic clay. I have no more foam left, but now I think I only need to find the teeth!

bottom head in the head

I also did some modeling with a lighter. There are several techniques. Some are risky and you have to be careful so it wont catch fire. Quickly moving a lighter over the edges melts them a bit and makes them smoother and more natural-looking. It also adds some cool stain effects which make the foam look like bone. If the lighter touches the foam, it leaves a smoky black stain. If you hold it a bit longer (on surfaces) small bubbles give it an interesting texture. Using it in the skull cavities, and letting it melt parts of the structure, give it a realistic look.

fire mandible


Today I will fix the head (the back is not good) and make some teeth. If I have time I might be able to attach the teeth. This is the result after approximately 6 hours of work.



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