A pterosaur skeleton

Tibiae and feet


Wing tip: third and fourth phalanges of the fourth finger (wing)

Wing tip: second phalanx of the fourth finger (wing)

Wing tip: first phalanx of the fourth finger (wing)

Hand and three fingers

Carpals (wrist) and pteroid

Radius and ulna (forearm)

Humerus (arm)

Body: tail, pelvis, chest (sternum), coricoid, neck

Body: tail, sacrum, rib-cage, scapulae, neck

Guidraco skull



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2 responses to “A pterosaur skeleton

  1. Metacarpals 1-3 should have their palmar side down, not toward metacarpal 4. They should be like those of other tetrapods, only with metacarpal 4 rotated posteriorly to facilitate wing folding. More details here: http://pterosaurheresies.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/which-way-did-pterosaur-fingers-flex/

    Pteroid articulates with big saddle-shaped depression on the proximal syncarpal, (radiale). Preaxial carpal is distal to it, articulating to the distal syncarpal.

    Good job otherwise.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment, and the link, David. I think that will be easy to correct, since I might only need to reattach the bones differently đŸ™‚

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