The pterosaur walks on the table

I finally assembled the pterosaur in a walking position. But the connections between the bones are not right. I still have to figure that out. I was able to mount them in place using a piano stand, some strings and some pins.

My next task is to discover how to fit the bones together. I think it’s OK from the hand to the tip of the wing, but I have no idea how to connect:

  1. the scapula to the humerus,
  2. the humerus to the ulna/radius,
  3. the ulna/radius to the hand.

If I get this right, it should be possible to assemble the pterosaur in several positions: flying, sitting, walking. I might have to remake some bones for this, or throw away the scapula and coricoid, and make better ones. I need to find detailed pictures of these connections.

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Filed under Pterosaur #1: Guidraco

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