It needs a body

The last picture was nice, but it’s not a snake. It’s a pterosaur. So it needs a body. Again, I had no idea how to start. No nice perfect pictures of scapulae, dozens of different alternatives, and hours and hours of scientific articles to help me, but which I had no time to read. So I started again, with my three-dimensional sketches. I cut out a sternum, I modeled something that looked like scapulae (using many diagrams as a reference), and I tried, tested, tried again, several times. I still got it all wrong, but it started to fit. And I also, finally, assembled the pubis. So after a while I had these parts.

I cut out a piece of foam and modelled the notarium, which connects several vertebrae and to which the scapula is connected. I connected the pubis, pinned the scapulae to the notarium, and I finally had a starting point.

Here is the ‘snake’ with scapulae. Now I can attach wings!

I had to do more research, and it wasn’t enough. I only had an hour a day do work on the pterosaur. But I found good diagrams (from Anhanguera), and tried to design from them. I still did not have good individual views of a real scapula, so I invented most of it.

Source: and others

And then I tried to make some ribs. But they were all wrong so I threw them awy and decided to study a bit more. I discovered that this sternum is too big, and that the notarium is very bad too. I know the scapulae are not perfect, but they fit.


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