Back to the head: now it bites!

The teeth are not made of foam. I decided to try a technique I had previously used in a Fish Mask I made three years ago. So I bought a transparent PVC hanger, got a candle and heated the plastic until it got soft. Then I stretched it slowly, and made a pair of teeth, which later I carved and separated from the hanger. Here are some teeth.

And this is the pterosaur so far, with bones, vertebrae, head and teeth. Now I have to assemble it.

I used the Guidraco venator head as a reference, and made teeth in several sizes. I used epoxy to glue the teeth to the head. I have still to reinforce the head and make it thicker, but I will do that later when I have more information about the skull. So it is still a bit fragile. If it bites, it will break its mouth.

This is the head of a Guidraco venator. I not only added the teeth, but I also made it a bit longer. I think now it no longer looks like a pelican.


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