I did a lot of searching, but vertebrae differ so much, and it’s not easy (at least for me, who never studied them before) to discover how to make a good model from fossil photos. So I looked at museum models (which seemed to me less precise), drawings, and decided to try anything that worked. But I decided to try a second attempt at the cervical vertebrae. I still don’t know what it should really look like, but I believe this second attempt is closer to what it should look like.

Since I didn’t have enough information, I invented the other vertebrae. Usually I only had a vew from one angle, or some photo in perpective with parts missing. But I think that if you look at it not too closely, you might think it is a good vertebra.

So this is the collection of vertebrae I used. In this picture there are only six cervicals because one of them (or two, depending on what you call a vertebra) are glued to the head. When I take the skeleton apart again (I might do that to make replicas of the bones), I might study them better and change something. But for now, this is what I will use.


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