I started this as an unpretentious hobby, but then I had a free day, and I did some research. I found incredible blogs about pterosaurs. My favorite is The Pterosaur Heresies by David Peters. After reading some of its posts, I decided to study a bit more and make a better replica. So I started (finally) to make some plans. I drew a sketch of the spine up to the sacrum so I could use it as a starting point to make the other vertebrae (so I gave up the idea of making a papier marche pterosaur, and decided to go for the skeleton).

Then I tried to model some complex bones with foam. I found pictures of these bones at Dave Holne’s Archosaur Musings blog. The picture below shows a fossil image and my foam replica.

I found nothing more about Guidraco, so I started to use data from other similar pterosaurs, like Anhanguera. These are the pelvic bones and part of the head (I did some more cutting and molding on the head as well)

Finally, I discovered these sites: and John Conway’s Paleontography, which are an incredible resource on the anatomy of pterosaurs. There is a section on restoration from where I got much ot the information I used to make the rest of the body.


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