The imaginary pterosaur

This blog is about a project I called The Imaginary Pterosaur: a foam sculpture of the skeleton of a pterosaur. It is inspired by some real pterossaurs such as Guidraco venator (the head), and others like Ornitocheirus, Ludodactylus and Anhanguera (most of the body and wings).

When I started I knew nothing about pterosaurs or foam modelling. Well, probably I do know a bit now, because of my research, but I learned it all from making this prehistoric bird, but I never touched a dinosaur bone. All the information I had were articles, drawings and photos published in the Internet, in sites and blogs about palaeontology and pterosaurs.

I would love to receive comments about this project. I know it is not precise. I didn’t find out how to make perfect replicas of the bones, how they connect, etc. So, if you know something about that, tell me. I made and re-made some bones several times, and some are still guesses. I can still fix a lot of it.


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